I forgot to share this a few weeks ago, but during the NCAA Final Four fiesta downtown we went to see Switchfoot.  They played a “private” show that was sponsored by Bud Light (which I thought was pretty funny that Switchfoot was sponsored by Bud Light…) and thanks to our friend Geoff, he got us tickets! 


They are always great in concert, and we all had a blast!


Carlson wedding

This past weekend Bjorn and Kendall got married!  We had such a good time at the reception, thanks guys for having us!


The ladies minus the bride…


The whole group!


(Thanks Jackie for the pictures!)


one of my favorite weeks of the year…

That is a pretty bold statement I would say.  But it’s true, for about one week every spring all of the magnolia trees are in full bloom.  I think they are beautiful and smell wonderful!   




These pictures actually came from the Magnolia bush in our backyard, but I still think they are very pretty.  I had to throw in a picture of the dogwood tree in our backyard about to bloom as well…


And lastly, a little white puff ball tree!



Anyway, Happy Spring from the Sawrie backyard!


Ryan’s birthday

Today is Ryan’s birthday!  Woohoo! 



Ignore Ryan being on the phone, I wanted to get a picture before the candles melted away but he was on the phone with his Grandpa :)  I did make this delicious ice cream cake that turned out really well if I do say so myself!



I mentioned last week that our anniversary was on the 12th, and we celebrated by making sushi!





We started with some crab, shrimp, avocados, cucumber, and cream cheese…spread the rice on the paper…add some wasabi and voila!  A sushi roll!  We also ordered crab rangoons from our favorite Chinese restaurant down the street :)    


and they're growing!

I am always amazing that plants actually grow from seeds.  I know this sounds elementary, but I love it.  Even when I was little we would take apple seeds, put them in wet paper towels in the fridge and check on them every day to watch them grow.  Anyway, here is how mine are coming along so far!



Sorry for the poor lighting…they aren’t really neon green.  :)


2 years!

Today Ryan and I are celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary!  I won’t get too mushy on here, but I love that man a lot.  He loves me, challenges me, laughs with me, and shows me so much grace.  We have enjoyed our first two years here in Indianapolis, and have had a lot of fun.  This next year might bring a lot of changes, but I am excited knowing that wherever we end up, we will figure it out together.

Let me share with you some pictures from our big day :)







new lense

I just got a new lens for my camera!

a fisheye lens!



Giving it another go this year!  I planted my seeds a few days ago, and hope they start to sprout soon!


a few wine bottles...

This past weekend, when I was home, I told my dad I had a project I wanted us to work on...making wine bottles into glasses! I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy whenever I mention these types of things, but my dad is a good sport. Not to mention he is curious like me, so why not give it a try? It also helped that my dad has all of the tools we needed :)

So we started with Dad cutting off the tops of the bottles with his tile cutter.


Then I took over by grinding down the sharp edges.


and voila!  I think they turned about pretty cool.  Not sure what we are going to do with them necessarily, but I now have glasses made out of something I would have otherwise thrown out!




So, small announcement.  Ryan and I have accepted an opportunity with our church to be interns!  We will be focused on ministering to college students, our church’s partnership with Guatemala, developing the women’s ministry, and Ryan has a few media things he will be working on.  Ryan will be cutting his hours at work a little to be able to devote time to these new responsibilities.  We are excited to get a little taste of ministry within the church, and could really use your prayers as we transition.  But exciting stuff for the Sawries!

I know this is not as important, but we were working on our application and decided to get out of the house and get some coffee/tea.  We thought we would try EarthHouse, and it was really nice.  Tons of tables and places to spread out.  Yay, a new coffee shop!