I went to my first NASCAR race this weekend! Ryan won tickets to the Brickyard 400 for Sunday at the track. We got there a little early and walked around to see all of the driver trailers and everything. There are a lot of NASCAR fans out there, and they take it very seriously. Before the race they parade the drivers around the track and everyone cheers or boos for their favorite and least favorite drivers. Pretty hilarious. Ryan and I were pulling for Ryan Newman because he is a Purdue grad, but he didn't do so hot...16th I think. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and there were a few good wrecks. One of the cars even caught on fire! It was such a gorgeous day, and both of us got a lot of sun. I have some pretty great tan lines. I don't know if I'm going to become a die-hard fan after the experience, but I would probably go again if I had the opportunity!

Blue skies

I even had a speedway hat!

Driver trailers

Friday Night Live

For one Friday night a month, Ryan's client sponsors a band down at Scotty's and Ryan has to go. Of course we love Scotty's, so we don't mind :)


Scheckelhoff wedding!

Ryan Scheckelhoff's wedding was this weekend, so Ryan and I headed down to Louisville. We came down for the rehearsal dinner on Friday. After dinner the Wiley boys plus me went to a bar and enjoyed some Kentucky bourbon (Makers Mark to be exact). You can see my fancy photography skills here:

Makers Mark

The wedding was tons of fun, it's so good to see college friends again. Everyone lives all over the place now, (Hartmans in NY, Daryl/Maggie soon to be in Chicago, Tony in Columbus OH, Blake in Cincinnati, Jon in Indy, and Ryan/Renee in Louisville) so it is good to all get together.

Group pic

Michael Jackson

Also, Ryan put on quite a show performing Michael Jackson's "Bad". It was awesome, white glove and all.


Groovin' in the Garden

We discovered this other fun thing to do in Indy last week. Easley Winery, downtown, has music every Tuesday after work in the summer. You buy some wine, hang out, and they provide delivery menus to some of the local restaurants. You can order dinner and they will deliver while you sit and enjoy the music and wine. Very fun, I am excited to go back!

Also, the wine is very good, and very affordable just in case anyone is curious :)


change that tire

So the other night we went to get groceries and on our way back we had a little adventure. We are just driving down the highway and hear a "pop" followed by "flap flap flap...". So we pulled over and there it was, the flat tire. Ryan is such a stud, and got us back on the road. Unfortunately, we had a to buy a new (Notice all of our groceries in the middle of the road)


Twitter pays off

Check out Ryan in the news! Watch the video :)


I'm on a boat

Jared took us out on his boat Thusday on Geist to try a little wakeboarding. What a beautiful night!

go Blake!


my green thumb

So now that we live in a house, I have been really excited to plant a small garden. I know that it's July and this should be done in May (Kentucky Derby day actually, according to Scott Herre)...but I couldn't resist. Here are my small plants, which are a little embarrassing when compared to my neighbors. His tomato plants are taller than me. He was outside when I was taking these pictures, so I will have to capture their enormity another time and share them with you. The beautiful thing about planting your garden so late is that they are all on sale! So, I decided to get some diversity and planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and strawberries. We'll see if I actually get to harvest anything before the winter :) I should also add that I planted some herbs as well...which were also on sale!

My baby plants

Oregano, mint, sage, and basil...


Chicago Chicago

On Saturday, I met up with Jenny and Katie B up in Chicago. Jenny and I met and walked all along the shoreline in the morning and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We ended up getting a lot more sun than we thought and some funny tan lines. But anyway, we walked over to Jenny's old stomping grounds near Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and had lunch and some milkshakes :). Then decided to go to Ikea! After Ikea we headed over to the Beeh apartment to see Katie and Bryan and decided on dinner. Katie also showed us her paintings she has been working on, and they are awesome. She is so talented and it is fun to see her get back to painting. If you ever get the chance, you should buy a KBrose.

out at dinner!


Overall it was a great day. I miss these girls a lot and any time I can see them, I will take advantage of it! It is so nice to have Chicago so close and get to experience a big city every once and a while.


My first day!

So, I started my new job on Monday, up at our Carmel corporate offices. I showed up and my boss actually kind of forgot I was starting. So, the first day was a little slow... I have a nice little cubicle and a little cabinet. I sit in a little maze, but I have managed to find my way around the building. Luckily, I was up here a lot for meetings before so I already know several people on my floor. My floor includes people from our sourcing/operations group, and also lean six sigma. I've been able to work with most of these groups before, so I know some people, and have some buddies to go out to lunch with. I have a couple books I'm supposed to be reading, they're very dry, but I'm slowly making my way through them. Not a very exciting week here in Carmel, but hopefully next week will pick up!


dollar dogs

Go Indians! Monday night our bible study took a trip over to Victory Field for the Indianapolis Indians game. They have $1 hot dogs, cracker jacks, popcorn, etc... The Indians did not do so well, but it was a beautiful day, so fun to be outside regardless. They have the $1 Mondays for most Monday home games, so check out their schedule!

Someone else's cute kid :)


I heart NY

For the 4th of July weekend, Ryan and I went out to visit the Hartmans in New York. Ryan and I went to the Fray concert on Thursday night, only slept a few hours, and left for Niagara Falls at 2:30am (yes we are crazy). We drove up through Michigan and Canada, and met Dave and Carrie around noon. We went to check out the falls and they were amazing! Much more impressive than I remember them being. After I played around with my camera for a while, we grabbed lunch, and then decided to walk around a little more. I don't know if it was just the holiday weekend or what, but it was packed!

Us with the Hartmans

I had been to Niagara before when I was little and I chickened out on going on the tour behind the falls. So! We made the decision to give it a shot! They give you these great ponchos and you take an elevator down like 38 stories until you are almost at the bottom of the falls, and then you can walk back behind the falls and look out at the water. Pretty neat, but you get soaked!

Behind the falls!

Afterwards we went to dinner at this great restaurant that overlooked the falls and waited for them to light up at night. We were also lucky enough to stay for the 4th of July fireworks... Some people were more excited than others about the fireworks given our 3.5 hour drive still ahead to get back to the Hartman's abode. The drive back was grueling, but we made sure to sleep in the next morning. On Saturday we hung out in the local area, saw the sites, ate ice cream, and made dinner. Afterwards, we enjoyed the great Binghamton firework show :)

Binghamton ice cream


Last Day at Von Duprin

Tuesday was my last day working at the Von Duprin plant, I will be starting a new job up in Carmel on the 6th. It was a bittersweet day, as I'm ready for something new, but I've also made some great friends. I have been working the past few weeks on transitioning most of my projects over to our new supply chain member, Chris. After I packed up my things, I went up to Carmel to give a presentation to our sector VP of Operations.

Anyway, on to the good part...that night Ryan and I went to pick up a lawn mower that we found on Craigslist (our favorite furniture shop!). Our mower was up in Carmel and ended up being like 3 houses down from the Snyders (Tiek and Joe)! Crazy right? Well, afterwards I talked Ryan into going to Kona Grill to celebrate my last day. They have an awesome happy hour special with 1/2 price sushi and appetizers and some $4 drinks everyday from 5-7 or after 10 on the weekends. A great end to a great job rotation :)

sushi and pizza!