Or that's what all the little kiddos at the patch called them :)

Well, it's that time of year. Pumpkin carving time! Aren't the fall leaves beautiful??

Happy soon to be Halloween!


Katie's wedding

The day of Katie's wedding was beautiful! We tried to capture the fall leaves, but they aren't quite as bright here as they were in real life. Anyway, it was good to be with friends and celebrate Katie and Matt's marriage!

The reception was at these really cool botanic gardens. It was a beautiful place for a reception!



This past weekend we headed up to southern Michigan to celebrate Katie's wedding! I'll be sure to post a blog about that as well, but for our first day there Ryan and I headed to the beach and the sand dunes. It was a gorgeous day, a little windy and chilly, but the sun felt so good. I was thankful for our current unemployed status to be able to go up early and enjoy the area.

We stayed at an inn nearby which sat right on the beach.

(Ryan's album cover for his new band.)

Right about this point we both had a craving for a carmel apple cider and happened to drive past this adorable local coffee shop which was advertising them outside. They were delicious and a perfect little snack before climbing up the huge sand dunes!

(the beach at sunset)

And finally, the reason for the party! Ms Katie Ringenberg! It was so good to see these girls, since it really doesn't happen that often. We live all over the place now and life just gets busy. I really enjoyed hearing how everyone is doing, and finding out that Jennifer is having a little girl!! So exciting!


Apple Picking

Fall = apples.

(we went to Stuckeys in Westfield)



On our way back from Catalyst we travelled through Nashville to see Kent and Melinda. It was great to see them, are we are always encouraged so much by their friendship. On Saturday we stopped on the German festival in town and I had a delicious Reuben...and I've been on a kick ever since :)

Thanks guys, we had a blast!



A few weeks ago Ryan and I went to a leadership training conference called Catalyst. We had a blast hearing from folks like Francis Chan, Andy Stanley, and Beth Moore. If you get a chance, I would definitely look up some of the talks. They all focused on how to lead a ministry in the midst of all sorts of tensions. One of my favorite talks was by Gabe Lyons. More info here:


frisbee golf

Our new unemployed hobby.


Reds game!

Oh my goodness I am so far behind! A few weeks ago Ryan and I made it down to Cincinnati for a Reds game, and it happened to be the night they won the division! We had been watching for a few days to see if that day would be the day they would win it, and they did! Jay Bruce won the game with a walkoff home run in the bottom of the 9th. About as exciting as it gets, and the stadium went nuts. We walked back to Fountain Square with the streets full of people running and screaming. Very exciting!

Miss Molly in Fountain Square before the game

the stadium was packed.

and they won! fireworks and all to celebrate!



Our new favorite coffee shop to go and get work done. Calvin Fletchers in Fountain Square.

Monday morning cups of coffee (or chai) and Crusade doctrine training :)