Have I mentioned I'm going to Fiji this Sunday?  Goodness, I've been so behind on this blog, and I'm really sorry for that!  For some reason this term has felt so much busier than in the past.  With our normal campus responsibilities, trying to sort out the future, and planning for a two week summer project (or, spring project) to has all been wonderfully busy :)

I am helping to lead the trip and will be going with four Wellington students, which I'm really excited about.  All four of them are amazing women that I have had the opportunity to work with over the past year and a half.  We will be going to Suva and doing outreach with students at the University of the South Pacific, where we will meet students and hopefully get to chat with many of them about the love of Christ.  There are other Student Life staff in Suva, so we will get to encourage them and do ministry with them.  And!  There is a STINT team of Americans which all went to Miami of Ohio.  What a small world...and two of them even lived with my brother at uni.

While I love getting to do ministry in a different culture, I am mostly looking forward to serving alongside the Wellington women.  I have been able to teach them, and I've seen them learn a lot about ministry and sharing the gospel.  But here we will be doing ministry together and learning together.  I always love seeing how God teaches students on summer projects!

Anyway, please pray that God would be teaching us more and more about Himself.  Pray that we would have many fruitful conversations and that many would come to an understanding of who Christ is and what that means for their lives.  And lastly, that we would be an encouragement to those already doing ministry in Fiji.  And pray for Ryan and I, as he is not coming and communication could be a bit tricky.


the ballet

A few weeks ago we had a little staff women hang-out at the ballet!  I love the ballet, and I was thankful to have some ladies that were up for going!

Before the ballet, we enjoyed delicious Italian pizzas at Pizzeria Napoli.

The show of the night was Cinderella - seriously, does it get any girlier than that??

Thanks ladies for a fun night.


Amy's 21st

In New Zealand, having a 21st birthday party is a big deal.  It's sort of like a sweet 16 party in the States, but it's sort of a celebration of becoming an adult.  There are speeches, usually great food, and it's fun!

I have been discipling Amy since I moved here, and she is such an amazing girl.

The party was at one of our favorite restaurants, Tinakori Bistro.  Soooo good!

A little blurry.

And we got to hang out with Cody and Harriet.  It was fun to meet Amy's family, high school friends, and church friends.

Thanks for having us Amy!