A Winn Wedding

Saturday, after a long day of painting, we were able to go to Adam and Lindsey's wedding. It was a beautiful, and the food was awesome. Congrats :)

With Adam and Lindsey

Seth (Adam's brother) and Stephanie were married just a few weeks ago


Ryan and I have been moving over the past week. I'm sure everyone knows about our "are we moving or not moving" dilemna over the past few months, but once we knew we were staying we found this great little rental house in the Herron-Morton neighborhood. For about a week we've been packing and painting the old apartment, and this past Sunday we had our big move. We have such great family and friends! They came out and helped us finish painting and moving all the furniture. Thank you thank you!

Afterwards we celebrated with some Graeter's ice cream cake, and went out for dinner at Bazbeaux on Mass Ave (best pizza in Indy) for pizza!

Here we are with our new house!

My Birthday!

Last Friday was my birthday, so Ryan and I celebrated by going to fortyfive degrees on Thursday night. It is this great sushi and martini place over on Mass Ave. It was fantastic, very good sushi. They also have 1/2 price martinis on Thursdays after 9pm, and we also ran into our ex-sushi class instructor...small world!

On Friday night, my actual birthday, we went over to the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) for their summer movie series. We saw Field of Dreams, and had a nice picnic beforehand. Thanks everyone for coming! This is one of my favorite things in Indianapolis during the summer. They have a whole series, you should check it out: .

I feel that I should also share the wonderful gift that I got, a new camera! Ryan got me a Nikon D40, which I'm sure I'm going to have a blast playing with. And you'll soon see pictures up on here...


Work work work

I feel like I have been really busy with work the past few weeks. We have been having all sorts of "networking" events such as dinners, bowling, discussion groups, etc... I am in a leadership development program right now, called LEAP, and I have one year left until I move on to a "real" job. Since I don't talk about work much, I thought I would share some pictures with you so you can see some of the great people I work with.

LEAP girls at the bowling alley

The whole LEAP group

Me explaining to the VP of Marketing/Sales how they can be more customer focused, ha.

Hello blog world!

Welcome! This is the official launch of my blog. Now that Ryan and I know that we will be staying in Indianapolis for the next year (or so) I would love to share with you some of the fun and interesting things we have found in Indianapolis. For our friends and family, this is probably the easiest way for us to let you know what we are up to!