Saturday was my 25th birthday.  25.  That sounds old!  I know it’s really not, but I feel like 25 just jumped out and surprised me.  Since Ryan was down in Nashville already for the wedding, I headed to Cincinnati to celebrate a little in the morning. 

20861_10100108704612018_13713616_54282663_3818432_n my crazy parents,


and sister.

We went to the BonBonerie, a cute little bakery in Hyde Park to pick up some sweets.


My dad, being a crab, with an appropriate cookie!


The perfect birthday cupcake


Thanks guys for a great birthday!


Nashville for Kent and Melinda


This past weekend, Ryan and I headed down to Nashville for Kent and Melinda’s wedding.  Kent is a good friend of Ryan’s from high school, and have now been in each others’ weddings.  The wedding and reception were absolutely beautiful.  The ceremony was held in an old stone church on Vanderbilt’s campus, and the reception at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

37447_10100108704961318_13713616_54282679_5795969_n The reception was beautiful!

37447_10100108704966308_13713616_54282680_2218395_n37447_10100108704956328_13713616_54282678_4383360_n There was a nice little patio outside that was covered in lights, and it was a perfect evening.



Congratulations Kent and Melinda!


best morning at work, maybe ever

So this morning, in celebration of a new Trane (HVAC stuff) marketing campaign we are rolling out, the marketing department treated us to Starbucks drinks down in the kitchen.  Awesome!  Here’s my iced vanilla latte in our new mugs.


And then I had a caramel frappuccino :)


The Styrofoam Jesus


bbjinflames images from

I’m not sure if you heard about the “styrofoam” or “butter” Jesus that was struck by lightning last week and burned to the ground?  The only reason I feel this is worth sharing with you is because it was in Cincinnati and I used to drive past it allllll the time.  Anyway, it even made national news last week because everyone assumed it was build of solid rock, but was actually styrofoam and plastic.  So it burnt to the ground in minutes.  I thought I would share this commentary I found about the incident and an interesting perspective.  Enjoy!


A little rest and relaxation


A weekend up in Michigan at the lake with some wonderful ladies…







Lots of sun, sailing, swings, and ice cream :)


t-shirt challenge update

So, I am a bad follow-up blogger.  I made a challenge for myself months ago and I am just now following up.  I’m sure you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to see what I have been working on :)


I turned this old sweater into a dress by making a simple skirt out of some fabric I had around.


Tiek and I made these shirts a few weeks ago by just adding a little ruffle around the top.

DSC_0445   Little flower petals on the top of a simple t-shirt.


I added a flower with some burlap scraps to this t-shirt as well.


And, another little dress made out of an old shirt with holes and about a yard of fabric.  Nothing fancy on these, but I feel like I have some new clothes for close to nothing!  Woo!


my garden - 2010

A little update on my garden.  The herbs are doing well, but my tomatoes and peppers are still kind of small.  Although, they did start from seeds, so I guess that’s still a little impressive. 






And the hydrangeas are blooming!





Strawberry Festival

Yesterday was one of my favorite days in Indianapolis.  They have the Strawberry festival downtown on the circle!  A local church takes over the whole circle and you can get a huge strawberry shortcake for a few dollars.  And!  Each of the strawberry shortcakes are actually homemade and support a good cause.  Perfect right?

(images from

Wrong!  As I was hurrying to drive home and make it before they close at 6, I heard that they were out of shortcakes!  What is a strawberry shortcake without the shortcake?  After dealing with my disappointment, my wonderful husband suggested we just make our own. 


I am a very lucky girl.  I also thought I would share with you my favorite strawberry shortcake recipe.  (It’s actually from the back of a bisquick box, so if you have some, you can reference that!)

2 1/3 C original Bisquick mix (or other pancake mix I’m sure)

½ C milk

3 Tbsp sugar

3 Tbsp butter

Whipped cream

4 C sliced fresh strawberries

¼ C sugar

Stir Bisquick, milk, 3 tbsp sugar, and butter until dough forms.  Drop 6 spoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes on 425 degrees.  Meanwhile, add 1/4 C sugar to the sliced strawberries.

Lastly, split the shortcakes, add strawberries and whipped cream, and be thankful it’s summer!  Enjoy :)


Happy Bday May!

Last month we celebrated Katie and Callie’s birthdays!  Katie’s party was at my favorite, Barcelona!


And for Callie’s we went to La Piedad, in Broad Ripple, for some delicious Mexican food.





Happy Birthday ladies!  Thanks for giving us something to celebrate :)


THE race

So like I said, I decided this was the year to jump on the bandwagon as far as becoming a fan of the Indy500.  We decided on Thursday night and found some tickets on Craigslist (which is always an experience).  I was soooo thankful that our seats ended up being in the shade.  It was so hot (apparently we set a record that day for hottest race in recorded history).


We made sure we put on a ton of sunscreen (we were already burnt from the parade the day before).  The straightaway was packed full of people.  Here’s our shot at the starting line.


And here come the cars!


We actually rode our bikes to the race and packed a lot of food and drinks.  We were set in the shade with our picnic, and had a great time.  I even had a Motor Speedway hat to wear!




This week I had the chance to go to Minneapolis for work! I really don't get to travel much for work, so I was pretty excited. We were lucky enough to be staying right across the street from the infamous MALL OF AMERICA, so of course we had to stop by.


Congrats Drewby

My brother graduated from Miami this spring!  He will be starting law school this fall up in Chicago and I am so proud of him.  Andrew is such a great little brother and I love him so much.  I am excited to get to visit him next year and watch him succeed in law school!



Race Parade

For those of you that do not live in Indianapolis, you may not realize that this weekend was the Indy500.  People around here go crazy, so I figured I should go ahead and jump on the bandwagon.  Ryan won tickets a few weeks ago to the parade on Saturday so we rode our bikes down and joined in the festivities!

DSC_0245 DSC_0249 DSC_0263 DSC_0297 DSC_0293