My Birthday!

Last Friday was my birthday, so Ryan and I celebrated by going to fortyfive degrees on Thursday night. It is this great sushi and martini place over on Mass Ave. It was fantastic, very good sushi. They also have 1/2 price martinis on Thursdays after 9pm, and we also ran into our ex-sushi class instructor...small world!

On Friday night, my actual birthday, we went over to the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) for their summer movie series. We saw Field of Dreams, and had a nice picnic beforehand. Thanks everyone for coming! This is one of my favorite things in Indianapolis during the summer. They have a whole series, you should check it out: .

I feel that I should also share the wonderful gift that I got, a new camera! Ryan got me a Nikon D40, which I'm sure I'm going to have a blast playing with. And you'll soon see pictures up on here...

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