This past week...

"Oz" the Musical

To celebrate Jackie's birthday, we went to see Oz the Musical at the Murat! I appreciate her so much and her friendship. It is wonderful to have girls here in Indianapolis that are such great friends.


Thanks to twitter, Ryan and I were able to go to the Pacers game for free and sit in a nice suite!

Indy Ad Club Merry Mingle

The party was at the Marvis, a cool old renovated warehouse. They had great food, and a great band. Another free event we enjoyed this week.

Rob Bell - The art of suffering

On Friday we went to hear Rob Bell speak at the Murat. It was a very artsy presentation about how we are all called to suffer and how Christ turns that suffering into beauty. It was very interesting and I am still processing a lot of what he talked about. It seems that everyone left either loving his talk or being frustrated at his lack of Jesus. Either way, very thought-provoking.

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