Lately I've been realizing how much I love to dream about travelling. When I was younger we used to take family vacations every year to usually see one of the national parks. My parents love to hike and enjoy nature (without camping...reservations at the lodge please!) Through these adventures, I have been to 45 states, and have set the goal to reach all 50 before I turn 30. I am almost 25, and people at work joke that 30 is just around the corner...which is a little scary in and of itself. But that is another blog for another time. So, I have been to 45 states, and that leaves 5 left:

North Dakota

So, friends, family, loyal blog readers, I need your help in brainstorming ways to get to these states 1. on a small budget 2. not alone and 3. to find something interesting. To get your creative juices flowing, please enjoy some pictures from road trips past and trips from my childhood...

The corn palace in South Dakota...yes, a palace made out of corn.

Drew and I kayaking at Glacier NP

Drew, Dad and Mom hiking

World's Largest Purple Spoon in Montana

Drew climbing out of the Grand Canyon (not really...)

Me, Molly, and Drew at Hoover Dam

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  1. Oklahoma:
    Large cross near Clinton, OK

    Check it out here:

    National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City is another attraction.