This past weekend we headed up to southern Michigan to celebrate Katie's wedding! I'll be sure to post a blog about that as well, but for our first day there Ryan and I headed to the beach and the sand dunes. It was a gorgeous day, a little windy and chilly, but the sun felt so good. I was thankful for our current unemployed status to be able to go up early and enjoy the area.

We stayed at an inn nearby which sat right on the beach.

(Ryan's album cover for his new band.)

Right about this point we both had a craving for a carmel apple cider and happened to drive past this adorable local coffee shop which was advertising them outside. They were delicious and a perfect little snack before climbing up the huge sand dunes!

(the beach at sunset)

And finally, the reason for the party! Ms Katie Ringenberg! It was so good to see these girls, since it really doesn't happen that often. We live all over the place now and life just gets busy. I really enjoyed hearing how everyone is doing, and finding out that Jennifer is having a little girl!! So exciting!

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