Planes, Trains and Automobiles

So, to get to summer project, we pretty much took every major mode of transportation. A ferry, bus, car, train, and finally a plane. Oh, and a bike and gondola should be added to that list as well. We had been told by other Wellingtonites that we should take the ferry to the south island at least once while we are here. So, we figured this was a good time, and it cost about the same to fly!

One have to hope you catch it on a good day or else the water gets really choppy and people get seasick. Awesome. Luckily, one of our team mates gave us some seasick medicine, so even though the water was a bit choppy, we survived. The ferry ride really was beautiful, especially once you get near the south island.

(leaving the north island)
Once we arrived in Picton we took a bus to Nelson. After summer project, we headed back to Picton in a car and we to Christchurch for a few days. We were in Christchurch to debrief a little bit before heading back to Wellington to resume flat hunting and getting back to StudentLife there. On our way to Christchurch we took a train so we would be able to see some of the scenery along the coast. Oh my gosh was it beautiful. This could try really is amazing. You don't have to go very far to either find mountains or the coast...and sometimes you can even find mountains along the coast, crazy!

(the coast around Kaikoura)

(the viewing cart - a bit windy)

After being in Christchurch for a little over a day, we flew home to Welly. Whew, what an adventure :)

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