Cults on campus

Something we've unfortunately had to deal with a lot lately has been a few groups on campus that have false teachings. I can't be too specific right now as we're waiting for some new information to be published in the next few months which will help students to identify the differences between the Bible and what some of the groups teach. I realize I'm being really vague, but I hope to know more soon! We've met a few students that have made the big decision to leave one of these groups and it has been eye opening to hear about their stories. They genuinely wanted to get involved with Christian community on campus and were pulled into unhealthy relationships and teaching.

As the future leaders in their respective countries, University students are a strategic audience for us as Christians to reach with the Gospel. Unfortunately, many other religious groups have the same vision. Lately we have been encountering different groups who disguise themselves as Christian Clubs, but teach things contrary to God’s Word. Please pray for us as we interact with these groups and pray for the people involved with them - that they would come to know the truth.

I share this mostly for anyone reading this that might know students headed off to college this year. There are many groups in the US even that are well disguised, and can pull well-meaning students in the wrong direction. For those close to students new to college, or close to graduating, encourage them be watchful and to join established churches and groups at their universities.

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