My Day - Wednesday

I start my Wednesdays by preparing for a few Bible studies.

And then I get to meet with this lovely lady!  Zoe Cook.  She is awesome.  Zoe is graduating in a few weeks, at the end of this term, and I have been going through some graduate transition material with her.  It's fun to get to talk about transitioning to the work place and learning how to pursue Christ beyond University.  Zoe is planning to stay in Wellington and hopes to pursue her music in her free time.  She's already a pretty big deal in Wellington, so I'm excited to see where the Lord takes her.

Also on Wednesday afternoon is our weekly meeting!  We aim for this to be a safe place for Christians and non-Christians to talk about hot topics and faith.  Which usually means we end up with some big debates.  But we have been having a lot of new people, so that's exciting!  It's usually a little different than weekly meetings for universities in the States, in that it isn't really a "club members meeting", but for anyone.  At this meeting we were watching a debate between Christopher Hitchens and John Lennox about the existence of God.

Afterwards our staff team will spend some time together just connecting over our week and how we can encourage one another.  We try and stop working for a bit and be friends :)  Wow, that sounded really cheesy, but it's true. 

On Wednesday nights, Ryan and I have our bible study at church.  It's really fun - we are studying Genesis.  Each week someone teaches on the passage and then we talk about our homework for the week.

Last week Ryan and I had the opportunity to teach (Ryan to the men, me to the ladies), which was totally nerve wracking, but a really cool experience. We seriously prepped for than 15 hours or so just to teach 30 minutes.  I can not imagine how pastors do that every week.  My mind was so worn out.  Anyway, like I said, good experience!

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