Sydney Leadership Forum

After getting back from Fiji, I had a quick turn around, and Ryan and I headed to Australia.  We had been asked a few months ago to join in a leadership summit for Australia and New Zealand Campus Crusade staff.  We learned a lot!  I am always amazing at the great caliber of people that are on staff with Cru and I enjoyed getting to soak up some of the wisdom.  We learned some great skills in coaching others, managing finances well in our ministries, and how to send our students well into life beyond Uni.  Good stuff!

The summit was held outside of Sydney near the Blue Mountains at a camp, which had alpacas!  So that was entertaining during our morning tea times.

After the conference Ryan and I stayed in Sydney an extra 2 days through the weekend.  We spent Friday evening visiting an animal park, where we saw wallabies!

And a koala!

 And this crazy bird.

And most importantly, kangaroos!

Afterwards we went into town and visited the opera house with our new friends.

On Saturday we bought unlimited transport tickets, so we made the most of our time that day!  We had lunch after visiting Paddy's Market near Darling Harbour.

Then took the train out to Bondi Beach.

And this is a pretty sweet pool.

And then we took a ferry over to the Olympic Park.

And this sounds so wrong, but that night we had a kangaroo and emu pizza.  And a crocodile pizza.  It was delicious, but a bummer to be eating the animals we just saw!

 And ended our night back in Darling Harbour for fireworks!

We really do love Sydney, it's such a great city and so fun to get around.  If anyone ever wants to visit, just let us know, we would gladly join :)

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