Chatterbox and the Old Pointe Tavern

On Friday, Ryan and I were able to visit some new spots on MassAve. We really like to try new places, and have been meaning to go to the Old Pointe Tavern...and it was the perfect night! It was cold and rainy, so we both went for a big bowl of chili. And, it was delicious! The chili had a kick to it, for me (the wimp) anyway, but they serve it with plenty of cheese, tortilla chips, and a dollop of sour cream to help. Very good on a cold rainy day.

Next we walked down to the Chatterbox to see one of Ryan's co-workers, Jared Thompson, play the saxophone with his jazz band. The Chatterbox is a local jazz bar, that has live music on the weekends. Ryan described it as the last real dive bar on MassAve. The place is a hole in the wall, doesn't offer much food, but has great music. The cover is pretty reasonable at $5, and you can stay all night...

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