What I love about West Lafayette...

Ryan and I were up at Purdue this weekend for the football game and I was reminded of all of my favorite things about West Lafayette (note: they are mostly food). In case anyone was interested, here are the top ten:

1. McCords vanilla coke-McCords is a small soda fountain and candy shop located on Main St over in Lafayette. They will make you a vanilla coke from scratch (syrup, and soda water) that is delicious. Definitely one of my favorite things on warm days in the fall.

2. Vienna's vanilla latte-I don't think I am alone on this one. They are semi-famous around town for their vanilla lattes. Also for their vanilla chai's, but I do not like chai's. Way better than Starbucks if you ask me, and located on Chauncy Hill.

3. Oasis Bali wrap-the Oasis, in the union, has some very unique wraps and soups, and bakery items also. But, the Bali wrap is has rice, and this delicious mayo. (The Turkey Club wrap is also delic. with it's guacamole and bacon...Mmmm...)

4. Chumleys-a bar over in Lafayette is my favorite. I am not a fan of most campus bars, but Chumley's has character. It was a great place to meet up with friends and just hang out. They also have schooner night on Tues/Thurs which is a great deal.

5. Cafe Royale-best study place on campus for me. Great coffee, and plenty of room to meet up with friends. I really liked their older location much more than the new one on Northwestern.

6. South Tower-a secret place in the union. I can't give too much away, but it is a cool old room in the union where you can see out over campus.

7. Bistro501 martinis-On Thursday nights, Bistro501 in Lafayette has 1/2 priced martinis. We used to have girls' nights on Thursdays, and dress up and sip fancy martinis. Very fun, but definitely not affordable full price for a college student.

8. Java Roaster-Another one of my favorite places to study. Also located over in Lafayette (right next to Chumleys), I think it helped to feel just a little further from campus. I enjoyed studying in coffee shops a lot, and Java Roaster wasn't always filled with college students. I used to love going there just to read and spend some time alone.

9. Dog n' Suds-hello, you should know by now that two of my favorite things are corn dogs and root beer floats. What could be better than a drive up restaurant with plenty of corn dogs and a lot of root beer and ice cream.

10. Love Shack calzones- a staple for me freshman year. Probably contributed to that freshman 15 thing, but still so good! The Parm was my drug of choice.

I promise I did more than eat and drink coffee while at Purdue. But thinking about all of this is making me really hungry.

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