Brickhouse Burger

So a few weeks ago, Ryan and I had the opportunity to do a Tastecasting event at a new restaurant, Brickhouse Burger. I have to tell you I was VERY impressed. I figured it would be just another burger type place (they have fantastic burgers btw), but it was so much more. Everything we tried was so good, and very reasonably priced (similar to an Applebees or something like that). But the food is MUCH better. We tried the nachos as an appetizer and could not finish it between the four of us because it was so huge. Also had the sweet potato fries which I have been craving ever since.

I must say one of my favorite parts were the cream cheese and jalepeno stuffed burgers. You all know that I am not even a spicy food fan, but these were outstanding. I don't want to lead you to think this is an every day burger joint, because it's not. They had all kinds of stuff, including award winning ribs!

The restaurant has several huge tv's and most of the tables face them. I think it would be fun to hang out on a Sunday and get to watch all of the football games. I might have to try that out soon.

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