A visit from the McQs!

This weekend we were so blessed to have a visit from Ben and Lo!  They were in town to see family and made a trip down to see us!  We started the day with a little visit to Yats (yum!).  Then, even though it was a sweltering 87 degrees, we went the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s gardens.  I’ve always heard they are beautiful and we thought we would check them out.


Ben and Lo in looooooooove




The gardens were very beautiful!  We actually saw several families getting their pictures taken, so that has to say something.  After we finished and cooled off for a bit at our house (and played a few rounds of Sequence) we headed to dinner.  Dinner was another first for us, at the Rooftop Gardens in Fountain Square.



The food was actually very delicious and reasonable.  The food is served from a cafe in the same building.  But it was nice to sit, eat, and watch the sun go down over the city.  Definitely recommend this place.  What a great day with some of our favorite people :)

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