In New York………..

Ryan and I are going to New York city here soon with Ryan’s fam and wanted to see if you guys had any “can’t miss” things we need to do.  We only have a few days, but don’t want to be kicking ourselves for missing something big!  Any thoughts??


  1. I road the carousel in Central Park with a friend of mine and that was really fun! I also went to the FAO Schwartz toy store where they filmed part of BIG. They still have the giant key board on the floor and all kinds of other cool stuff. My friend was fron Staton island so we took the commuter ferry over to staton island (it's free too!) You can see the statue of liberty but dont go to it from that one, you might just want to go to the statue of liberty. :)

    Alright, hope that helps,


  2. Thanks Jacqueline! That's perfect, I'll let you know how it goes :)