“God, in His Sweetness, is making puzzle pieces for you too. You may not be able to make the connection as to where it fits just right now, but there is always purpose. Life with Jesus guiding you, is a life that is complex, thrilling, hard, rewarding and full of questions. Don’t be afraid to soak in and store every experience along your journey as a lesson for now and a puzzle piece to fit in later. The people, the adventures, the decisions you make today are important for now and for later. Life should not be compartmentalized to where you close and open boxes, it should flow as one beautiful stream. Enjoy making yourself uncomfortable. Don’t shy away from teaching your flesh a lesson or two. Be grateful you have the chance to live, to love and look for others who need life breathed into them and love poured over them.”

I loved this quote from Gina Schmidt over at .

She and her husband Mark are two missionaries down in Guatemala that we met this past spring. They have a beautiful family and love the Lord so much. I just thought this was a great quote and wanted to share!

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