the canal

We have had some beautiful evenings lately! I'm sure those of you in other parts of the country have as well, but here is my tribute to the nice Indiana fall evenings. Last week I took a long walk around the canal right before sunset to just walk, pray, think, and get out of the house for a little bit. I happened to grab my camera, and snap a few pics of things that just stood out to me that evening. Nothing spectacular, just simple beauty, thanks for taking a look :)

I love this old church, we used to live right across from it, and I loved that it was part of our view every day.

Water hitting metal at the north end of the canal

The sun reflecting off the fountain

purple flowers.

I thought these looked pretty neat with the sunlight

There were lots of vegetables at the urban garden

And this sunflower is fading, a sure sign that fall has come.

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