Finding a flat. Ugh.

Our mission these first few weeks of being in Wellington is to find a place to live. Sounds pretty simple? Oh my gosh, it hasn't been. There are several things we've been warned to take into consideration that are pretty different than home. For example:

1. Does the building or house seem earthquake friendly? -seriously, people talk about this. Apparently Wellington is due in for an earthquake, so it's a hot topic.
2. Is the flat north facing? This means the apartment will get the most sun, and will be warmer, drastically reducing your power bills.
3. Does the flat come with a dehumidifier? Apparently humidity is a huge issue, and in the winter you have to watch out for mold (and wet clothes - see below).
4. Is a dryer included with the flat? Most people don't use a dryer, and choose to hang dry all of their clothes, again to save on power. Which, apparently in the winter is a major pain because it's too humid for things to dry. Awesome? I'm all about saving on the power bill and living simply, but I'm getting the impression that most of Wellington walks around in wet clothes for a few months of the year.

Aside from these, there are always the more important issues of price, size, and location. Wellington is a pretty pricing city to live in, so we are really relying on the Lord to provide us a flat. The more we look, the more I know He wants us to rely on Him, it's just not going to happen apart from His provision. I know He has brought us this far, and probably won't leave us homeless :)

We are praying this week we would find something, or make a decision on one that we've already looked at...and move in this coming weekend before we leave for the summer mission trip. Friends, we would very much appreciate your prayers as well! We are really trying to be good stewards of finances, we want a location where we can host students, and a place that doesn't have mold. Ha. And it would be nice if it were a place we wanted to come home to, but that's just a bonus!

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