Traveling around the world

Well, on Sunday Dec 5th we started our journey. We headed off to an island, that we hear is beautiful, but in need of Jesus.

Here I am on the first flight, still excited to be traveling... Getting from Indy to Denver, and to LA was pretty easy really. I'm still happy at this point and have plenty of things to read and keep myself entertained.

Here is our cart of luggage in LA. Oh man, what fun. Can you count them? Yes, 8 bags, and our airline (Air Pacific) was very particular about weights and sizes. So, we spent some quality time with the lady at the check-in desk. No matter how much we prepared knowing their rules, we still had some hiccups.

After leaving LA, we still had one more stop before getting to New Zealand, Nadi Fiji. We had an overnight flight, and arrived just before the sun came up. From what we could see at the airport, it was beautiful.

Then off we headed for Auckland where we had to retrieve our bags again and go through customs. Luckily, the only questions they had for us where, "Gosh, are you moving here or something" and they wanted to see my gum boots (aka rain boots - but that took us a few minutes to figure out). But we passed, and re-checked our bags for the final leg to Wellington. Woohoo!

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  1. Oh my gosh...I know what it feels like to have ONE back to check and one carry on. I feel stressed even then. You guys are troopers. :)