Reason for God

Have you guys read Reason for God by Tim Keller? It's a pretty great book, where he addresses many of the common objections to Christianity. We've been showing the dvd series at our weekly meetings and have had some great discussion. In the dvds, Pastor Keller hosts a discussion with 6 non-Christians about some common objections. It is interesting to hear people's thoughts and after the dvd is over, we split into smaller groups to continue the discussion with students (with afternoon tea of course!). So far, this has been going really well!

The topics include:
1. Is the Bible a myth?
2. Is there more than one way to God?
3. Why are there so many rules with God?
4. How can a just God allow suffering?
5. Why are Christians so hypocritical?
6. How can a loving God allow hell to exist?

Pretty controversial huh? It's good stuff, and on a campus like Victoria where students are extremely skeptical of religion and God, it's necessary that we are able to engage in these conversations. We believe Christians need to be able to dialogue about these things without becoming defensive and, well, prideful. We are learning, our students are learning, and non-Christians are brought into community to answer some of their deep concerns about God.

The promo:

The Reason for God DVD Trailer from Redeemer City to City on Vimeo.

There are six videos, and we are halfway through. Tomorrow we will have the discussion on how God can allow suffering. This is a big roadblock for many people, so we are praying several new students would come out to chat. Please pray with us that students would come and be heard, and that truth would be shared.

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