Our team

This is our team (staff and students) that are currently with us in Thailand! There are 18 of us, and so far we've been having a blast and getting very wet. Thank you for praying for us!

Yesterday I was having a conversation with several students and two of them prayed to receive Christ! I am planning to meet up with them along with one of our Thai staff to go through some follow up to make clear that they understand the Gospel. It was an amazing experience trying to speak in Thai/English and using a translator. But one of the guys, Ox, was very genuine and sat with us for over an hour. He had several questions, and P'Mitch was able to answet them so he understood. Please pray for Ox, as he is going home this weekend to see his family, who are mostly Buddhist. Pray that God would protect his heart and his understanding of the Gospel.

We have seen 13 students indicate a desire to begin a relationship with Christ in the last three days. That's crazy! It's exciting to see what God is doing, and we are praying we will be able to follow up with each of those students and be sure they understand fully who Jesus is and what that means for their lives. :)

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