FUSE - Cinco de Mayo

 FUSE this past week was Cinco de Mayo themed!  I've talked about FUSE before here, but it's our monthly dinner with all of Student Life in Wellington (Vic and Massey).

We had a lot of new students this month with it being right after Autumn Retreat, which made it a lot of fun!

And then we made them all swing at a pinata.  It was hilarious.  Max and Ryan had rigged it so they could move it around, so everyone was really struggling to hit it.  But, it was great entertainment for the rest of us.

 At one point the pinata swung and hit Cherie in the face - she was fine, but it was pretty funny.

Tiaan was a machine.  He went nuts, and almost got it open.

But Eileen had to finish it off, and it was a mad rush for the terrible pinata lollies.

Anyway, it was a blast, students are fun :)

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