Manly Beach

My last post about Australia!  On the last morning we walked through the Botanic Gardens, where we saw bats - ewww, on our way to catch the ferry to Manly Beach.  We were told by a lot of people that we had to take a boat ride through the harbour, and also that we had to get to the beach.  So, this was the day!

We caught the ferry, and it was turning out to be a beautiful day.

We soaked up the sun for a bit at the beach, and it was nice a warm!  A nice change from New Zealand beaches :)

I think I made Ryan do this - get it - Manly Beach?  Sweet tan lines...

That evening we got back to Sydney and enjoyed a nice hot chocolate on the harbour.

Later that night we found a Mexican restaurant!  And by 'found' I mean we walked 30 minutes out of our way to hunt it down :) 

But it was sooooo good!  Chips, salsa, guac, and tacos.  Yum.

And, another night shot, I love cities, they are so beautiful.

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