Mother’s Day 2010

I stayed in Cincinnati for Mother’s Day to spend some time with my fabulous mom!  Molly made a delicious breakfast, we played some games, and then headed to Alms Park.  The park is in the middle of the Tusculum neighborhood just outside downtown (which I am currently in love with, but more on that later).  Even though it was another chilly and cloudy day, the park was beautiful.  It reminded me a lot of Ault Park, but anyway, it was very pretty and had a killer slide on the playground (sorry, no pics of that).


Image05092010135354 Me and Miss Molly


We thought a jumping photo would be fun…


and another (I can not make my face not do that when I jump)…

Image05092010135613 and Dad wanted in on the fun :)

So I mentioned that I really loved the Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood…  It has a bunch of old Victorian style houses that are starting to be brought back to life, and with some crazy colors!

Columbia Tusculum Cincinnati

And being only a couple miles from downtown would be fun as well.  I should also mention there is a local coffee shop right at the bottom of this hill…making it just about perfect.


What a great day to celebrate Mom!

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