Try a sip, it's delicious!

For Christmas, our gift to Ryan’s parents was a trip down to Oliver Winery for some wine tasting and a picnic.  We were waiting for the weather to warm up a bit, so we had Christmas in May!  It was a rainy day, but we had a great time.  They have some very pretty gardens at the entrance, and I had some fun taking pictures.  I love these purple ball flowers (if you can’t tell by all of the pictures)!



 DSC_0926 After I was able to move on from the gardens, we went inside to the testing counter.  They have all kinds of wine, from California grapes as well as local grapes.



After the testing and the tour, we purchased a bottle and headed out to the patio to enjoy lunch with our wine.  The winery has really nice picnic areas and a pond.  It was raining, so we were trying to stay up top under the awning, but it was still a great afternoon.  Ryan packed a delicious lunch!

DSC_0941  DSC_0956



And of course on the way out I had to take a few more pictures :)


  1. I love those purple balls too, they're called Alium and are a type of bulb...the onion family I believe! :)

  2. Wow, looks like it was a great time. Wine tasting is always a good option. Some of my favorite times have been spent with wine...and people, of course :) Thanks for the beautiful shots, as well.

  3. thank you! I have always wondered what those flowers were! There are similar pink flowers that come out later in the summer also I think :)