This weekend I made my first trip to Milwaukee!  We decided to go because a) My husband is an avid Brewers fan, b) we have friends nearby, and c) we had a gift card for tickets.  Win win… win!  So, we made the trip up on Saturday and arrived in time to visit one of Michelle’s favorite coffee shops.


It is in an old water pumping station right on Lake Michigan, all of the engineers enjoyed the fun facts about the equipment :)

DSC_0825 After grabbing some coffee we met up with the Hartmans, completing our game day posse.  After parking at the Brewers’ stadium, we began the tailgate.  Ben and Lo provided most of the equipment, and Ben grilled away!


Once inside the stadium, we found our seats and prepared ourselves for a great game.  There were eight of us total, and it was great to see old friends.  We live all over the place, but it makes me appreciate these times when the stars align and we are all in the same place at the same time.


After the 7th inning stretch everyone sings “Roll out the Barrel”.  I think it’s pretty funny to have a team and song dedicated to Milwaukee’s beer brewing history!


DSC_0852 And the whole group! 

Just to sweeten the weekend just a little more, Michelle and Andy got engaged the next day!  So exciting!!

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