Off to Dallas and Denver…and back!

Oh my goodness has this week been off to a crazy start!  I flew out Monday morning around 6 am (yes, you heard me right, that means waking up around 3:30…) to head to Dallas to train some of our sales managers on new software.  After the training, we headed back to the airport, and after running like a mad woman through the Houston airport, we made our flight to Denver.  All in one day!  And the next evening, I headed back home after training a group there.  Before heading out, I enjoyed a little treat for dinner :)


Anyway, this wasn’t even what I really wanted to tell you about.  As I flew home, there was an awesome lightning storm right out the window to the south.  It sounds dangerous, but I’m trusting our pilot that we were ok, but it lasted for most of the trip home.  It was so neat to see the clouds all light up, and sometimes even see the bolts of lightning through the clouds.  I couldn’t help but worship our awesome Creator for His beauty and power.  I know it was probably one of those, “you had to be there” situations, but I just love when we have moments when we can’t take our eyes off of God. 

I think I can use the excuse that I don’t see much of God and the love of Christ in my dad-to-day cubicle world.  But that’s just not true, I’m not looking for it.  My heart becomes so hard as I try to “be an adult” and be “a professional” and be “responsible”.  But what joy in having the heart of a child that can sit and be awed by our Father.

So, although the trip was very successful in a business sense, I’d say even more so in refreshing my soul and pushing me to seek out opportunities to bask in who God is and what He has created around me.

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  1. That is awesome Katie!! My aunt, who is a flight attendant, was on a flight from Minneapolis to Chicago that night and took a video of the lightening show. It was definitely something to marvel at!

    Thanks for sharing. :)