Calling all Ladies

We had a ladies craft night this past weekend! Best night ever. Amazing women and crafts? Sign me up!
We had some snacks, and Sarah made a pumpkin pie! Pumpkin pies are sort of a luxury because canned pumpkin does not exist here. So you actually have to make it from scratch, boiling pumpkin and all. Very impressive! You also have to make the pie crust from scratch, pre-made pie crusts aren't easy to come by, and they are usually square...which is weird. Anyway, just wanted you to appreciate the joy we all found in having pumpkin pie :)

We worked on making necklaces this evening.

You can see us with our necklaces!

We're trying to have more of these "events" like this so we can invite other women into community in a very non-threatening way. We want our students to be challenged to bring friends along and start to build some intentional relationships. Of course, we have a lot of fun, but we also want to be building relationships with each other and women that are curious about Jesus or new to Student Life.

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