day 4 - lots o' rocks

We drove a little ways this morning to find a mystery beach! I was excited, Ryan wasn't so thrilled...but he is a good sport. We followed the instructions I had found online to a secret, unmarked, beach. And after hiking for about 30 minutes...we found it!

We weren't actually alone at this "secret" beach, but pretty close. It was a pretty big beach with about 6 people on it. It wasn't quite the sunny, "lay-out" kind of day, but it was still relaxing :)

Ha, did I forget to mention this is what we had to cross to get there? After the hiking mishaps from the previous days I was surprised I didn't roll an ankle or something. When you follow these rocks around the bend, you can find the beach!
Afterwards we went into the Coromandel town for a milkshake. Haha, exciting? And then we decided we wanted to climb to the top of this mountain. But unfortunately we couldn't find the trailhead! Big bummer. We drove around for about 30 minutes trying to find it, but by then it was starting to get dark. Probably not a good idea to head out into the wilderness?

So instead we watched the beautiful sunset...

On the way back home we also found this waterfall off the side of the road.

So we made little boats out of leaves and sent them over.

Another great day of exploration, and unfortunately we are headed home tomorrow!

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