Yes, the Easter Bunny.

For Easter, we thought we would try something a little different for an outreach on campus... You know how in the states people takes their kids to get pictures with the Easter Bunny? Well, apparently they definitely don't do that in New Zealand, so we thought...why not make a few people laugh and take their pictures with the Easter Bunny?

So we did...
Only our bunny costume we rented turned out to be pretty creepy. But, hey, even that works on a uni campus :) You can see his tail is about to fall off...

And sometimes he looks like a puppy dog?

Doesn't he just look sad? After we took students' pictures we asked them to fill out a quick survey to see what students had to say about Easter and why we celebrate it. We had some good conversations and actually met a few Christians on campus that are looking to get involved in bible studies. Fellowship in Uni is so important, so we were encouraged to meet some of these students!

Just hanging out...
Adam is big on showing off his guns these days. So when the bunny was busy running around campus to drum up business, you could get your photo with Adam!

And then the bunny joined us at our weekly meeting and participated in discussion! He was quite the celebrity for a day :)

Our hope is to be able to follow up with several of the students we met this week while taking pictures. We would love to get to chat about what we do with Student Life as well as why we celebrate Easter. Hopefully this creepy bunny will lead to some good spiritual conversations!

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