Texan Invasian

This week we have had the blessing of half-hosting a group from Texas. They are really here visiting the Moore's, who work with International Student Ministries here in Wellington. We met the Moore's early on, who are also from the States, and their daughter is involved in Student Life with us. Anyway...a group from their home church in Texas came to visit them on a mission trip this week.

It's been fun to have Americans around and see their reactions to things around here. I know that sounds weird, but sometimes it's fun just to share this experience with other people that are coming from the same place we were and just laughing with them when it is just so different from home. They have been doing some ministry with us up on campus as well and I'll fill you in at the end of the week!

They will also be hosting a barn dance for our students which should be interesting since no one here knows what that means :)

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