Barn Dance

In honor of the Texans being in town, they hosted a barn dance this past weekend. It was pretty funny since barn dances are definitely not typical here in New Zealand. But it was a great cultural experience all around :)

Sarah (above) did a great job putting together decorations and making it very festive. She is Texan, so naturally it was a good fit! We invited several students, and it was a great time to hang out with students we are trying to get to know as well as meet new students. Overall I think the international students loved it the most. They always enjoy learning new things :)

(Adam, Ryan, and Sam from Texas)

And of course some fake mustaches had to come out. Max seemed to really get into the spirit...

A lot of people actually came! And for most, it was their first time line dancing.

For part of the evening we were fortunate enough to have some professional instruction. They came and taught us a few dances and did some demonstrations as well. The whole night reminded me of the old college barn dances we used to have at Purdue. Only this time I didn't dislocate my knee...anyone remember that?

Exciting college memories :)

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