Walking Soularium

Second semester has officially begun! (like 3 weeks ago...someone is a little behind!) To start the new semester we tried a new outreach just to see how it would go. When most of us do evangelism on campus we use a tool called Soularium. Soularium is a set of about 50 pictures that we hand to students and then ask them a series of questions. Some being pretty simple, "How would you describe you life right now" to a little more serious, "How would you describe God?" Obviously they are encouraged to use the pictures to answer the questions. In an artsy place like Wellington, Soularium is actually a really good conversation starter and we usually have pretty positive responses. The hope always being that the conversation will head towards spiritual things and we can learn about them and talk about our own walks with Christ.

Anyway...back to our first week on campus! We thought, Soularium is fun, so why don't we draw even more attention to ourselves and stick them to suits and have "walking Soularium"! Genius right?
Ha, I think I was telling her I liked her blue mascara...

It actually worked! The whole anything-that-draws-attention-to-you must work idea came through for us. We were able to have a lot of conversations with students and many of us were able to share the gospel. And, to make it even more exciting, our Student Life students were loving it as well.

Here is a great example, Leigh engaging in conversation over the pictures on Max. I know, a little odd, but everyone just seemed to think it was funny :) The joys of working with university students...

ps- Thanks Eloisa for the pictures!!

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