The last vacation post! Our last stop on our trip was in Auckland for a Family Life marriage conference. Which was actually the whole reason for the trip in the first place... Anyway, the conference was great, we really learned a lot and would completely recommend it to anyone (they hold conferences all over the world - to find one near you!). This year has been a really different year of marriage for us, having to work together every day and do ministry together. It was nice to have someone else ministering to us and we left feeling refreshed.

On Saturday night they encouraged us to go on a date, so we headed into town to the waterfront. Auckland is also a harbor town (pretty much a theme for most of NZ), and full of boats.

We just caught the sunset before grabbing dinner at another fish and chips shop (a theme for the Sawries?).

We sat and enjoyed the evening on these fun lounge chairs.

And of course we needed to get a photo of us with the sky tower in the background. Auckland is sooo much bigger than Wellington. Almost 25% of the population of NZ lives in Auckland, so we experienced some traffic that we haven't in a while. Either way, it was a fun city, and full of excitement with the Rugby World Cup starting this week!

More on that coming soon :)

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