Saffas and Fijians

The Rugby World Cup is going on right now, and it's being hosted here in New Zealand! They are playing games all throughout the country and it's so fun to see fans from all over the world. Last night I saw several men walking around in kilts, in town to support Scotland. And of course, a million Aussies came over as well. We're really enjoying all of the excitement, and the more and more I watch rugby...the more I start to understand!

Anyway some of our team mates have been volunteering for the World Cup here in Wellington, and Sarah was nice enough to share some of her free tickets with us!!

We ran into Cody, who was volunteering at the game.

We were excited to see South Africa take on Fiji. The South Africans won by a landslide, and it was fun to be surrounded by some very patriotic fans :)

I'm starting to really enjoy rugby. It's really the only sport people get excited about around here, and rightfully so, the New Zealand All Blacks are usually ranked #1 in the world. Everyone is holding their breath to see if they can win it all here at home!

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