Sarah and I have been meeting with Sanny every Monday afternoon. She is from Asia, but is studying English and medicine here in Wellington. Sarah met Sanny at an English help session around Easter, and they were able to have a brief conversation about God and His existence. Because Sanny studies medicine, she explained to us that she had found that God must exist because of the complexities of the human body - it is truly amazing to her! Sarah and I have been meeting with Sanny for a few months now to read through Genesis and Mark.

Since our first meeting I have been blown away by Sanny’s desire to learn about God, despite having no background in any sort of faith, and it being banned in her home country. As we looked at Genesis 1, 2, and 3, it was clear to her that the world was not as it was intended to be. That we were created for much more than we experience here on earth, and sin was very easy for her to understand. As we have explained week to week of our need for a Savior in Jesus Christ, Sanny responded, “I really need to think about this, it will change everything. It is a big decision.” We were blessed to see her understand that Jesus is not a band-aid that we stick on our sin, but must truly be the Lord of our lives.

I am overjoyed to tell you that a few weeks ago Sanny said, “Yes, I want to follow Jesus”. It has been obvious to me that God has had His hand on Sanny over the past few months. The depth of her understanding is amazing, and He has worked through language barriers to bring her to Himself. I am so grateful to have witnessed His grace in her life. It is amazing to me that God would bring us all so far from home so Sanny could hear of His love for her through Christ.

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