my green thumb

So now that we live in a house, I have been really excited to plant a small garden. I know that it's July and this should be done in May (Kentucky Derby day actually, according to Scott Herre)...but I couldn't resist. Here are my small plants, which are a little embarrassing when compared to my neighbors. His tomato plants are taller than me. He was outside when I was taking these pictures, so I will have to capture their enormity another time and share them with you. The beautiful thing about planting your garden so late is that they are all on sale! So, I decided to get some diversity and planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and strawberries. We'll see if I actually get to harvest anything before the winter :) I should also add that I planted some herbs as well...which were also on sale!

My baby plants

Oregano, mint, sage, and basil...

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