My first day!

So, I started my new job on Monday, up at our Carmel corporate offices. I showed up and my boss actually kind of forgot I was starting. So, the first day was a little slow... I have a nice little cubicle and a little cabinet. I sit in a little maze, but I have managed to find my way around the building. Luckily, I was up here a lot for meetings before so I already know several people on my floor. My floor includes people from our sourcing/operations group, and also lean six sigma. I've been able to work with most of these groups before, so I know some people, and have some buddies to go out to lunch with. I have a couple books I'm supposed to be reading, they're very dry, but I'm slowly making my way through them. Not a very exciting week here in Carmel, but hopefully next week will pick up!

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  1. No one knows what any of that means. "lean six sigma"? your job is either highly confidential or made up. you decide!