McNivens and the Fever playoffs

The Indiana Fever (our WNBA team here in Indy) are in the WNBA championships this week! Very exciting. Our friend, Jackie, works in sales for the Fever, so we had the opportunity to go and see one of their games Friday night...and they won! Apparently Detroit is one of their big rivals and knocked them out of the playoffs last year, so it was a big deal that they won Friday. They are playing at home this weekend, and you should go and support the team!

A full house at Conseco!

Afterwards, we wanted to celebrate! We went over to McNivens, a Scottish pub on Mass Ave. They have one of my favorite things on a cold rainy Irish coffee! Hot, delicious coffee-whipped cream-Irish whisky goodness. I should point out that McNivens is also great when it is warm out because they have huge windows in the front that open up to Mass Ave and it's a great place to hang out. I have only had their appetizers from the menu, but they were very good. Another one of my favorites! Jackie also had her very first Guinness, so we made sure to document that :)

I forgot to take a picture before I looked much better, and ignore the mayonnaise


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