So...Oranje. Ryan had been looking forward to this for a long time. It is this music, art and fashion experience held in an old warehouse downtown. Some hailed the event as "the best thing to happen to Indianapolis since sliced bread." Quite a claim, but we really did enjoy ourselves. Several artists were actually doing art as we walked around and there were even a few things we could participate in (there were also a few things we didn't want to participate in, i.e. body paint and weird photography). The warehouse had about 5 different rooms or stages for bands to be playing all night, so you had about 25 to choose from throughout the event.

Jenny's friend's band, Elsinore, actually played. We had been wanting to go see them for a while, and were glad we finally had the chance. They were great.


My favorite part were the spray paint artists out front (see bad picture above). They are amazingly talented and able to create art on a piece of canvas using only spray paint bottles. Another highlight was the man painting to techno...very entertaining. Overall, a very interesting "experience", and if you get the chance to go, I would go.

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