The Natural State

For Labor Day weekend we went down to Arkansas to see Ryan's grandparents. I have never been to Arkansas, so I was pretty excited. On our way down we actually stopped in Memphis for the night. We tried to go to the Oyster place, Pearl's, that we loved from our trip last spring but they closed early...lame. But we did make a stop at Beale St to appreciate the chaos and absorb some "culture".

Beale St

The next morning we continued our trip to Hot Springs Village. After lunch and spending time with Betty and Cliff, we headed to Hot Springs to explore the town. So, Hot Springs is obviously known for the natural hot springs that come up out of the ground there. I was actually surprised at how hot they were! The town used to be pretty famous for the celebs and mafia who used to come and pay to take baths in the "pure" hot springs. (NASA later proved that there is actually microscopic bacteria in the water) Now, they still have the old bath houses, but they are mostly modern spas instead. You can still see some of the springs and get up close and touch if you would like. I would also like to point out that this was Bill Clinton's childhood home. Ryan spent a lot of time here growing up, so if you EVER need tourist info on Hot Springs, he's your man (seriously, he has been to every attraction). On Sunday we did some hiking at a nearby state park which was beautiful. It was great that his grandparents were also able to join us.

One of the hot springs

Me and the hot water

Ryan and his grandpa at one of the overlooks

We drove most of the day Monday, it's about a 10 hour drive home, but we did make a stop at Lambert's for lunch. We were passing it around 11am, very convenient. Lambert's is this country style restaurant that gives you a lot of food, throws your rolls at you, and is delicious. I wish I had a picture of Ryan's chicken salad, they seriously served him about a pound (it has made 3 sandwiches so far)

take home box...

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