NZ Sevens

I think I've mentioned already, but rugby is huge here. This weekend was the rugby sevens tournament, which until a few days ago, I had never heard of. But, for Wellington, it's a huge deal because people come in town from all over to watch their rugby sevens teams compete. Rugby sevens is a different form of rugby, which I don't totally understand :), but it seems to be for the younger crowd. This weekend is supposed to be the biggest party of the weekend - picture Mardi Gras with NZ accents.

But, on that note, Ryan and I went to the parade to see all the teams. Tickets for the actual games are super expensive, and I honestly don't think most people go, they just party. Oh! I should mention that everyone dresses up in costumes for the weekend, just like breakfast club at Purdue! Crazy how some traditions can be so similiar!

Anyway, the parade:

Every team seemed to have their own little dance team that went right in front of them, so here are the US dancers, and team USA! Apparently there are rugby players in the US? :)

And of course Air New Zealand made an appearance.
And the New Zealand team stole the show. Kiwis love their rugby!

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