Planning week

The week is over. This week was our intense week of planning as a staff team. Thank you to everyone that was praying our planning would go well! We spent 40+ hours brainstorming, praying, going through logistics, and meeting with students. I feel like we accomplished a lot in one short week!

To start the year off, we have a big outreach campaign that will run for the first full week of classes. Every New Zealand campus has the same outreach, where we hand out jandals (flip-flops) to freshman and see if they're interested in getting involved with StudentLife. The hope is to come in contact with thousands of students, and ultimately follow up with many of them and get to share the gospel! I'm really excited, and we had some of our student leaders there this week to help us plan which was very encouraging.

A few weeks after classes start we will be having our fall retreat, and for the first time in Wellington StudentLife history (all 4 years of it...) we are going to be starting a weekly meeting for the first time. Woohoo! Please be praying the Lord will use this time to help build community among the believers in our movement, but also as a time of outreach for non-Christians. For the first semester we are going to be using the DVD series, Reason for God, by Tim Keller. Wellington students are VERY skeptical of religion and God in general, and we're praying the Lord can use some of the topics in the series to start conversations and maybe even clear up some misconceptions of God and Christianity. Anyway, exciting stuff, and I can't believe we're at T-10 days until classes start!

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