Team Fun Day!

Our team decided that instead of a team retreat to start off the year, we would just do a team fun day around town. The point was to get to spend some time together without having to talk about work. For the most part, we really only know each other through work, and though we get along well, it's easy to just talk about work! Anyway, we started the day by riding the cable car in town up to the Botanic Gardens. This is a pretty iconic thing to do, so we felt it was necessary to do this as a team :)
And the view from the top is pretty spectacular really.

Then we climbed 200+ stairs , because nothing bonds a group like a great workout?
The Weta Caves are another pretty iconic things in Wellington. This is where the graphics and film editing was done for Lord of the Rings. They also built all of the props, so the bazillion swords and bad guys as well. It was pretty interesting, and free! They're obviously the most famous in NZ for LOTR, but they've done several other huge movies as well, such as the Chronicles of Narnia. Anyway, they had several props and a short video to see. It didn't really take as long as expected, so we played a little backyard cricket after wards.

And lastly, we ended the day with a nice dinner. It was a great day to celebrate a fantastic team and great friends. Looking forward to serving with these guys this year!

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