Ryan and I took a few days off this past week to relax. We've had a pretty full on month of June so far for work, even with classes being out for a few weeks. We've been preparing for our summer (Nov/Dec) trip to Thailand as well as the winter conference which starts this week. We decided last minute to head out of town to ensure that we didn't do any work on our days off :) Since our "office" also doubles as our bedroom, sometimes it can be hard to turn everything off and not work. Anyway...we went to Plimmerton, which is only a 20 minute train ride up the coast.

We rented an old boat house that has been converted into a little cabin. Since it was used to actually house a boat, it was right on the water and at high tide the waves would actually crash into the front wall.
This is where I sat most of the time with a blanket, cup of tea, and a book.

It rained for most of Thursday, but it cleared in the evening, and we could see a little bit of the sunset.
On our last morning, it was sunny! So we went and explored along the beach. It was such a lovely morning, and honestly around here you really can't find a bad view. We were even able to see the South Island in the distance.

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