Seals at the Red Rocks

The start of my birthday weekend! Saturday was another sunny day, which we are learning you must take advantage of. Especially in the winter. So, we decided to walk to the red rocks and see the seal colony. But, to make it an absolutely perfect day, we stopped by Starbucks first for a birthday treat :)
(I'm not sure why my head looks so small in this picture, but notice my green jacket?? That's my bday gift from Ryan)

Can you see the snow peaked mountains in the background? Ha, we think that is the south island. We were trying to think through our limited New Zealand geography knowledge to figure out what these peaks were. Jury is still out.

After walking about 5kms, Ryan was standing at Devil's Gate. Right through here is where you find the seals.

Do you see them? I thought I would point for you. The seals come here to sun in the winter when they are finished mating on the south island. Normally seals can be pretty aggressive, but they mostly slept the entire time we saw them.

And they were everywhere!

It was a great adventure. It's still crazy to me that you find these beautiful spots that are still completely natural so close to the city. Just lovely.

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